How to get more out of your Physical Therapy treatment

Home Exercise Program (HEP)- The way to get more out of your Physical Therapy treatment.


Physical therapy is one of the most important parts of rehabilitation when recovering from an injury and when it comes to managing pain. Usually, Physical therapy treatments are delivered two to three times a week with each session lasting anywhere from 45, to 60 minutes. Although strength is increased and therapeutic gains are achieved during these Physical Therapy sessions, results will not last if specific exercises have not been performed between sessions too. Home exercise programs are personalized to each individual to help maintain the muscle strength, flexibility, joint range of motion and therapeutic gains.

Home exercise programs (HEPs) require a commitment which often proves to be challenging between busy schedules and lack of equipment at home. However, HEPs are very important for overall successful physical therapy treatment.






Here at Central Jersey Sports and Spine, we offer customized HEP based on each individual’s need with a link to instructional videos, which patients can access anytime, anywhere at their convenience.

Hardik Unjia, DPT

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