Diabetic Foot Care


When you have a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes, routine foot care is essential... but why? Uncontrolled blood sugar levels over time will effect your feet by causing: dry/cracked skin, calluses, poor circulation, ulcers and diabetic neuropathy.
Neuropathy is nerve damage associated with numbness, tingling and pain in the feet and makes simple tasks like cutting your toenails, walking and putting on your shoes more difficult.
For those reasons, it is important to see your podiatrist to detect problems early and to prevent ulcers or infection.
At Cardio Metabolic Institute, Dr. Sheth specializes in all aspects of routine foot care, including diabetic foot care. He’s skilled in using the latest technologies to diagnose foot and ankle pain and creates individual treatment plans to address chronic pain and mobility issues for his patients. 


Nail Debridement
Safely reducing the thickness and length of the toe nail with the goal of allowing the patient to get around without pain. This could be covered every 9 to 12 weeks depending on your insurance.
Shoes & Inserts
Have your feet measured to ensure your new shoes are long enough, wide enough and deep enough to comfortably accommodate your foot. One pair of shoes and 1 to 3 pairs of inserts each year could potentially be covered, dependent of your insurance plan.
Dr. Suchir Sheth, DPM

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