Beyond Foot Pain: 5 Benefits of Custom Orthotics You Didn't Know About

The ability to stay active is more important now than ever before. Whether that means taking a walk around the block, playing nine holes with your favorite foursome, or keeping up with your grandkids, the ability to stand and move comfortably starts and ends with your feet.

Foot pain can be debilitating and put a dent in your quality of life. When your feet hurt, the natural tendency is to park yourself on the sofa. If you’re among the more than 2 million Americans who suffer from heel pain each year, you’re all too familiar with how foot pain can impact your life.

Unfortunately, 75% of all Americans will have some type of foot issue during their lifetime. The good news is that treatments such as custom orthotics from Cardio Metabolic Institute can help you regain control of your life by restoring your mobility.

In this blog, our board-certified podiatrists share their insights on five benefits of custom orthotics you didn’t know about.

Custom orthotics explained

You may have seen ads for orthotics or insoles you can pick up at a drugstore. Simply slip them inside your shoe or boot to relieve your achy, painful feet. The principle is similar with custom orthotics, except that custom orthotics are one-of-a-kind, prescription insoles, tailor-made just for an individual patient.

The process for getting custom orthotics starts with a thorough examination of your foot and how you walk. During the appointment, your podiatrist asks you about your foot issues and observes movement from your feet to your knees, hips, and spine.

If your podiatrist concludes that you’re a good candidate for orthotics, they take a three-dimensional scan of each foot. The data collected goes to a laboratory, which creates your custom orthotics. Getting custom orthotics offers many benefits.

1. Fabricated just for you

Just as no two people are alike, no two podiatric anomalies — like flat feet, high arches, or issues like plantar fasciitis or diabetic foot ulcers — are the same. Because each condition manifests differently in every person, a cookie-cutter solution such as over-the-counter shoe inserts often falls short in the satisfaction department.

Custom orthotics are not only made to fit the contour and shape of your foot, but also are dialed in for your weight and how you move. They provide a superior treatment solution.

2. Maximum support 

This individualized approach ensures that with every step you take, your feet have the proper support regardless of whether you have high arches or flat feet or suffer from conditions such as heel pain from plantar fasciitis, an injury, or tendinitis.

And because during the course of an average day you put a tremendous amount of pressure on your feet — roughly the equivalent of a fully loaded cement truck — proper support is a very good thing.

3. Ensuring proper body alignment

When everything is working correctly, the simple process of moving your feet to walk is an elegant series of actions. If all is well and your body is properly aligned, movement continues seamlessly from your feet to your ankles and follows up to your knees, hips and finally all the way up your spine.

But a foot deformity, injury, or a foot issue can throw off your body alignment, causing stress and strain. Custom orthotics can reset body alignment and restore balance in your movement. 

4. Reducing or preventing foot fatigue

Another lesser-known benefit of custom orthotics is that they reduce or prevent foot fatigue. Once a lack of proper support is taken out of the equation, your ability to stand or walk for long periods is maximized. With custom orthotics, you can say goodbye to annoying foot cramps, swelling, and pain. 

5. Enhancing athletic performance

If athletic pursuits are in your wheelhouse, you’ll love that custom orthotics can boost athletic performance. Because custom orthotics address alignment and biomechanical issues as well as foot anomalies, gone are all the factors that cause stress and strain. Gone are the barriers that can hold you back from crushing your athletic goals.

Do you have foot pain and want to know if custom orthotics are right for you? Book an appointment at Cardio Metabolic Institute in Somerset, Monroe Township, or East Brunswick, New Jersey, to learn more. Click or call today for an appointment at the office nearest you.

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