Healthy Hearts

Are you worried about having a heart attack? Have you been diagnosed with Cardiovascular Disease risk factors such as High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Obesity or Diabetes? Then Healthy Hearts is the program for you! 

This new 12-week comprehensive lifestyle change program is an amazing opportunity for anyone looking to improve their heart health and feel great in the process. Science continues to prove that a Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) diet can reduce, and in some cases reverse, cardiovascular disease progression and we use these foundational principles to improve health through exercise, nutrition, and behavior modification. 

The Healthy Hearts group meets twice per week and each session begins with exercise. One of our team members leads the group through both cardio and strength training routines. Here we build on progress from week to week, ensure the right intensity is met while making any modifications for varying fitness levels and those with injuries or specific needs. Following the exercise session is a plant-based nutrition workshop, cooking class, or group behavior session. 

In our nutrition workshops we talk about topics such as plant-based nutrition basics, heart healthy food swaps, guidelines when eating out, and many more. In our cooking classes you get to taste the delicious plant-based recipes and learn tips and tricks to cooking veggie-powered meals in the kitchen. The healthy behavior group focuses on using science-based cognitive-behavioral techniques to help with managing stress, combat negative thinking, maintaining motivation to meet your goals, and making sustainable lifestyle changes.

The Healthy Hearts program is high energy and packs a lot of information into 12 weeks.  The objective is for our clients to feel empowered and excited to take their health into their own hands and make real changes that will return big results.  Our program builds a sense of community among everyone who attends. We laugh, learn, and work together to achieve the shared goal of a happier, healthier life.

Since it is a rolling admission program you can start at any time!

If you are concerned about your Cardiovascular health and want to make a change, this is the program for you. Call today to ask us about a FREE TRIAL session in this amazing program!


Health Coaching

Our health coach will work with you to build an individualized plan to achieve your health and wellness goals.  You can look at health coaches as mentors and educators. They are your partner on this journey to overcoming obstacles, providing you with the right resources, and keeping you accountable for any changes that you are planning to make.  

Health coaches take a very holistic approach to working with clients than just diet alone.  They look at all the factors playing a role in the different situations you may encounter along the way.  Our health coach will work side by side with you to build out a plan for both short term goals and long term transformation.  If you have been working hard but feeling stuck, our health coaching sessions are a great opportunity for you to take a different path to achieving those goals.  


Cardiac Maintenance

Cardiac Maintenance is for those who would like to participate in a well-rounded exercise program in a small group setting. Whether you are a Cardiac Rehab program graduate, or looking to increase your cardiovascular conditioning muscular strength and flexibility- this is the class for you! We meet during the day each Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 12:00pm - 1:00pm or you can join the nighttime class on Tuesday's and Thursday's from 6:30pm - 730pm. Enrollment is open and ongoing for this program!


Mindful Movement

This class is designed to improve your quality of life and self confidence by increasing physical function and ability to carry out daily activities. Within this small group setting, an Exercise Physiologist will design an exercise plan that will increase your muscular strength and endurance, balance, stability and flexibility. 

Class is held each Tuesday and Thursday from 11:00am - 12:00pm, with rolling enrollment. 


Change Your Weigh

Our NEW 12-week weight loss and lifestyle change program will be held on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM. Change Your Weigh will include:

  • Weight Loss Counseling
  • Exercise Coaching
  • Nutritional Workshops
  • Cooking Classes


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