While we all love the holidays and our family, chances are that if you are even remotely normal the holidays also include a good amount of stress and a lot of unhealthy food. On average, a person gains about five pounds during the holiday season. This can be incredibly hard on your heart. This is why it’s important that you know how to avoid putting too much strain on your body during this busy time of the year. Continue reading below to learn how you can best maintain your health while celebrating holidays that may make it difficult.

  1. Eat A Wholesome & Healthy BreakfastIf you know a day or even a couple of days are going to be spent surrounded by delicious but unhealthy food, it’s important that you make at least one meal of your day one that contains plenty of nutrients. Have some berries, eggs and green tea for breakfast to ensure that you consume more than butter and grease during your annual Thanksgiving or holiday meal.
  2. Make Time To ExerciseIt can often be next to impossible to convince yourself to exercise when you are visiting family or they are visiting you. However, just because the holidays have arrived doesn’t mean you don’t need to regularly exercise. Even if you are only getting 30 minutes each day, that’s better than nothing. Not to mention, the longer you go without exercising, the harder it’s going to be for you to get back on the wagon when you make your New Year’s resolutions.
  3. Control Alcohol IntakeOne of the major reasons people gain so much weight during the holidays is directly related to the amount of alcohol they consume. It’s also important to note that drinking alcohol can lead to you experiencing heart palpitations, difficulty breathing, and lightheadedness. Instead of choosing to take the very first cocktail that is offered to you, drinking a glass of sparkling water. Continue to alternate between alcohol and water for the rest of the night and save yourself from consuming many calories.
  4. Prep With ProteinBefore you leave to head to a holiday party, try eating something high in protein. This could be a piece of fruit or a cup of yogurt. Regardless of what you choose, this protein source will help to give you sustainable energy so that you aren’t tempted to eat a ton of fruit high in saturated fats and/or salt.
  5. Avoid Holiday Stress
    Yes, we know that your family is wonderful. However, that doesn’t mean that you agree with them about everything. When it comes to holiday gatherings, try to avoid conversations that you know could lead to a disagreement and cause you stress or anxiety. For the most part this means not talking about things like money, politics and/or religion. If you somehow find yourself in one of these conversations, politely excuse yourself and begin planning the rest of your night so that it includes a nice, calming bubble bath.

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