At the Cardio Metabolic Institute of New Jersey we care about your heart health and being able to help you maintain it. While we truly love all of our patients, we don’t want anyone to have to visit our office as this means that something isn’t exactly right where your heart is concerned. In order to help you prevent a visit to see us, or the ER for that matter, you should follow the suggestions below for a healthier, happier heart.

  1. Get and Stay ActiveUz8Hv-red-21

    Exercise makes your body as well as your heart stronger. When you exercise, you boost the amount of blood that is flowing to your heart and lower your risk of having a heart attack.

  2. Watch Out For The Salt

    Taking in a lot of sodium can lead to hypertension and damaged blood vessels. You can easily cut out most of the salt you eat by eliminating processed foods as well as fast food.

  3. Olive Oil Is Your Friend

    The antioxidants contained in olive oil can protect your red blood cell from becoming damaged. Heart disease, heart attacks and stroke are all known to be linked to cellular destruction so protecting these cells is key.

  4. Listen To Your Favorite Music More

    When you listen to your favorite music, your blood pressure naturally decreases, as does your heart rate. This works best with slow or mellow tunes.

  5. Eat Dark Chocolate

    You can also reduce your blood pressure by eat dark chocolate from time to time. The cocoa contains antioxidant compounds known a flavanols which when consumed result in nitric oxide forming in the body. Nitric oxide is known to relax blood vessel walls which will lower your blood pressure.