If you’ve ever seen or experienced varicose veins they are quite visible and mostly seen in your legs and feet. People get varicose veins as a result of standing for long hours because being upright puts increased pressure on the veins in the lower body, addressing them is generally a cosmetic and aesthetic issue, but they can become painful and uncomfortable.

At the Cardio Metabolic Institute of New Jersey, we treat those who suffer from varicose veins through a variety of procedures that help reduce the appearance. Follow along in today’s post as we look at varicose vein prevention and what you can start doing today to avoid them!

Varicose veins surface as a result of getting older, being pregnant, family history, being overweight, and standing or sitting for extended periods.

To help prevent varicose veins from worsening and prevent future ones from forming, below are a couple tips to avoid them:

  • Change your position often – Sometimes it’s unavoidable and your job requires you to sit or stand all day, so if you can, try and change positions as much as possible. If you stand all day, on both your 10-minute breaks and lunch breaks sit with your feet up, or lay on the floor and put your legs up on a wall. If you sit all day, take breaks and walk the stairways and always get a walk on your lunch break. The most important thing to remember is to help get blood circulating throughout your day. If you sit, pump and peddle your feet at your desk and if you stand, bend your knees and do intermittent air squats.
  • Address your lifestyle – If you’re overweight, losing weight can greatly impact and prevent future varicose veins. Make small dietary changes by eating smaller meals and consume a diet rich in vegetables and protein while avoiding overly processed foods. Also be sure to get enough movement in your day. Create and commit to a new fitness regimen or start will small changes like taking the stairs and parking farther away and walking to your destination.

Prevention is a key component to avoiding varicose veins. Stay tuned for part two and learn more prevention tips.   

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