Our heart is the most important organ in your body, besides your brain of course. Your heart is what keeps your blood pumping through your veins, and keeps you breathing, so why wouldn’t you want to treat it with the utmost respect and care? Let’s take a look at a number of ways that you can keep your heart healthy to prevent major cardiac issues.

Nix Bad Habits

There are some bad habits that you can pick up that will have a negative effect on your heart among other parts of your body, luckily you can work on eliminating those problems now to prevent future heart health issues. Kicking smoking will increase your overall health, including taking extra pressure off of your heart. Cut back on super fatty foods and salt. By eating healthier and reducing your sodium intake, you will in turn lose weight; and cutting salt lowers your risk of coronary heart disease. Your fat intake should be 30 percent of your daily calorie intake. Having a thinner waistline will reduce your blood pressure, making pumping blood less strenuous on your heart. Eating more fish will help your to lose weight, and has been proven to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Reducing these risks will decrease your chances of heart problems. If you do need to see a cardiologist, contact The Cardio Metabolic Institute. Our cardiologists have been voted as top doctors of the year in the state of New Jersey for two years in a row.