The Best Approach to Physical Therapy Around

Physical therapy is an important type of treatment used to improve mobility, functional ability, quality of life and movement required for daily tasks and activities in those who have sustained injuries that have limited them. By increasing strength and flexibility, physical therapy may also help relieve pain while helping to improve or restore your physical function and fitness level. Physical therapy can also help with recovery after some surgeries.

At Central Jersey Sports & Spine, our physical therapists treat patients with acute and chronic conditions including orthopedic, neurologic, sports medicine and post-surgical. The therapists begin with a detailed evaluation of each patient to assess and implement a physical therapy treatment program that will maximize the patient’s functional abilities. Each patient is also given a home exercise program to maximize the success of their physical therapy.

A Typical Physical Therapy Treatment Plan May Include:

• Balance and coordination activities
• Gait training
• Manual techniques (such as massage and mobilization)
• Modalities (such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, moist heat, etc.)
• Therapeutic exercise
• and more…

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