1. Tips to Keep Your Heart Healthy This Winter

    A chill is in the wind and the leaves are falling to the ground. That can mean only one thing; fall is here and winter isn’t far behind. When the weather gets colder, many people go into hibernation mode, forgoing their typical fitness routine until it warms up again. This makes it easier for your health to take a hit, which puts you at greater risk of getting sick or developing long-lasting dis…Read More

  2. The Best Diabetic Foot Care

    If you’re managing type 2 diabetes, foot care is a large part of monitoring and preventing further complications. So, why is diabetic foot care needed? At the Cardio Metabolic Institute of New Jersey, we have a comprehensive health and wellness facility that addresses foot care with the our podiatrist, in addition to our nutrition program that can guide those who are dealing with type 2 diabetes…Read More

  3. What Is Keto?

    Keto has been a word floating around the health and wellness space and you may have heard around the water cooler things like “you can eat all the fat you want and lose weight” or “keto is so unhealthy it’s amazing people are losing weight at all.” With all the discussion around this diet, we’re here to help you navigate what it is and clear up any misinformation you’ve heard. Health…Read More

  4. How To Prevent Varicose Veins (Part One)

    If you’ve ever seen or experienced varicose veins they are quite visible and mostly seen in your legs and feet. People get varicose veins as a result of standing for long hours because being upright puts increased pressure on the veins in the lower body, addressing them is generally a cosmetic and aesthetic issue, but they can become painful and uncomfortable.   At the Cardio Metabolic Inst…Read More

  5. How To Approach Nutrition With Type 2 Diabetes

    How To Approach Nutrition With Type 2 Diabetes

    Type 2 diabetes develops when your body is no longer able to balance the way sugar is metabolized, leaving you unable to produce enough insulin to modulate blood glucose levels, or being able to resist the effects of insulin to regulate healthy levels. People often struggle with balanced and healthy blood sugar levels as their weight gradually increases with the onset of obesity combined with a de…Read More

  6. Addressing Sugar in a Heart-Healthy Diet

    How to Address Sugar in a Heart-Healthy Diet

    You can read the detrimental effects of sugar and listen to the reports over the media channels, but there is often a disconnect between reading and listening to sugar information and then implementing it into your daily routine. In our last blog, we covered how the misinformation of sugar has been disguised and in this article, we’ll shed light on tangible approaches to take when addressing sug…Read More

  7. The Misinformation of Sugar In Health and Wellness

    The Misinformation of Sugar in Health and Wellness

    There are many fad diets that ebb and flow throughout time targeting people who want a quick weight-loss solution. In the 1930s the Grapefruit Diet was born, and in the 1970s there was the Cookie Diet. On the other hand, there are healthy diets and nutrition programs that require lifestyle modifications especially if you’re suffering from health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, or high bl…Read More

  8. Benefits of Kinesio Taping

    By: Karen Kondos PT, DPT Kinesio tape (K-tape) is a thin, stretchy, elastic cotton strip with an acrylic adhesive. K-Tape works by lifting the skin, and creating channels of low pressure therefore, promoting flow of fluid from high to low pressure layers. By doing so, the Tape will reduce swelling and inflammation, equalize temperature and decrease pain. The Tape will work on muscles by increasing…Read More

  9. How Exercise Benefits Heart Health

    The heart is arguably the most important component of the human body - without a functioning heartbeat, we wouldn’t be alive. It is no surprise then that keeping our hearts healthy and in optimal shape is one of the most important things we can do to support our physical health. Eating a healthy, balanced diet and exercising daily or multiple times a week are generally considered the best ways t…Read More

  10. Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Heart During The Holidays

    While we all love the holidays and our family, chances are that if you are even remotely normal the holidays also include a good amount of stress and a lot of unhealthy food. On average, a person gains about five pounds during the holiday season. This can be incredibly hard on your heart. This is why it’s important that you know how to avoid putting too much strain on your body during this busy …Read More